Weir Cook Memorial Project

Our Mission: To educate the public, especially our youth, of the roles of aviation pioneers and military heroes, through public displays and exhibits, and events  


About Weir Cook Memorial Project, INC.


Weir Cook Memorial Project Inc.
A Not for profit corporation dedicated exclusively to public education and memorial purposes.

Our Mission:
Is to educate the public, especially youth, of roles of military heroes and aviation pioneers through displays and exhibits at schools and, public events.


To make a donation or for more information:

Weir Cook Memorial Project

P.O.Box 83

Wilkinson, IN. 46186



   2014 Weir Cook Memorial Project Board Members

  1. Christy Broady - President
  2. Ron Wilson - Vice President
  3. Carol Reynolds - Secretary/Treasure
  4. Angela Tielking - B.M.
  5. Fredrick Spencer - B.M.
  6. David Rose - B.M.
  7. Anthony West - B.M.
  8. Deborah - B.M.

Honorary Members

  1. Ron Martin
  2. Harold Henneke
  3. Robert Nester
  4. Mil Compo
  5. James Bauerle
  6. Bill Ensign
  7. Skip Stackhouse
  8. Dave Stucker
  9. Dave Clark
  10. Mike Malast
  11. The Weir Cook Family
  12. Indianapolis International Airport Authority, President


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