Weir Cook Memorial Project

Our Mission: To educate the public, especially our youth, of the roles of aviation pioneers and military heroes, through public displays and exhibits, and events  


~How it all started~

This project started in the small town of Wilkinson, Indiana. At a town board meeting in the year 2000 that I attended. I was there to ask the Town Board members if we could give the small town park an official name. Asking them if any famous person was from our small town? One man answered, "why yes, Col. H. Weir Cook". Looking surprised I replied, who? And from that day forward it has became a quest, and a project like no other to me. To find the answers to who and why Col. H. Weir Cook was famous.


Researching every where I couldn't find anything but the basic information on Col. Cook. Still curious, I turned to good old fashion way of searching. I knew only 6 people in the beginning that might still be around that knew Col. Cook, they were listed in my research notes that I had come across. So that's th people who would give me my first hand knowledge of Col. Cook. 

During my research I kept coming back to the same question, how do we give an honor then take it back? By this time I had learned that the Indianapolis Airport had been named after this famous man.


This is where the project begins, at the Indianapolis Airport. Where the people of Indiana placed Col. Cooks name upon the old terminal building. The one place Col. Cook loved and help founded. Leaving this legacy for the next generation to ask the question: Who is H.Weir Cook? 



Above: Is a photo of Col. Cook used to advertise for his 1930's radio show program-Col. Cook and his Flying Corps.